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Ingredients are sources worldwide 

LovelyBits products are made with extreme control over the quantities to maximaxe the quality of our products.
We source the ingredient where providers respect the products and nature.

For the sake of Love

We design, build and ship your products with love for the sake of your well being and intimate time.

What awaits you when you use LovelyBits products

Returning customer. Wouldn't want to be without the comfort and convenience of these lovely bits. Thank you for all the wisdom and care that you infuse into these soothing little lovelies. ❤️ Women deserve this.

The tiny pieces were full of fragrance and I will enjoy using them. So far they have been very helpful with vaginal dryness. Appreciate that they are organic.

Loved from the minute I received this. Cute packaging and product shapes so fun. Loved the inspirational verse too! More importantly it has worked well for me. So happy to find something that is natural, does not irritate, is soothing and moisturizing. Thank you!

All Natural

Sources around the globe, quality controled and certified.


LovelyBits Sups                           $27.95

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LovelyBits Oil                               $23.95

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Value Pack                                      $41.95

Include one 30 sup pack and one oil bottle 30 ml and travel size sups.

Yearly Supply

$ 20 per unit
  • One year worth of supplies
  • 20% discount
  • Optimal freshness
  • Received 3 times a year. 

Couple pack

$ 40 per Unit
  • Includes Sups and Oil.
  • 30% discount
  • Optimal freshness
  • Received 3 times a year.
  • 30% discount
  • Free Domain


$ 45 per Unit
  • Includes Sups, Oil and travel size.

  • 15 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Backup

How was LovelyBits created?

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2016 - Problem Validated

In less than 2 months, LovelyBits products were validated with friends and family accounting for more than 20 people from different ages.
In the next 6 months public interest arise from our first online presence on Etsy.

2015 - First prototype

Long journey into the EO realm and natural medicine. How can we treat the vaginal dryness with long lasting, efficient and healthy beneficial product?

2014 - A need for a change

Neccessity is the mother of innovation, so our founder decided to deep dive into EO and how to heal the root cause of sickness and not treat the symptoms as medecine does.

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Note: We allocate monthly free sample that we will send to new customer. make your request be known !


80 West 119 street  
New York, NY 10026


Phone: +1 917.456.7279