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We bring you truly natural, preservative-free intimate care with results you can feel. We also believe intimate care should smell and feel amazing and add enjoyment to your intimate routine. Love feeling like yourself again, naturally.


LovelyBits Supositories


Finally, an all natural vaginal moisturizer that really works. These suppositories heal and restore elasticity quickly helping to relieve intimate discomfort and dryness. With hand-selected, unrefined ingredients like Vitamin E packed Organic Cocoa Butter and Calendula Oil, you’re lady bits will be thanking you.

These super natural hearts are tiny- about the size of an almond- but they work! No side-effects. No hormones. No synthetic ingredients. Just the natural good stuff. The way mother nature intended.


LovelyBits Oil


Feeling hit by a dry spell down yonder? Fret not. With carefully selected organic ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil and Rose Oil, the Revive elixir will not only bring instant relief from dryness, but will aid in restoring your vagina's suppleness for the long run. Revive's beautifully aromatic scent will keep you, and your lady bits coming back for more. Dare we call it liquid gold?

Lovely Bits Revive oil can also be used to heal and relief dry skin anywhere on the body and your hands as well. Just toss this magical bottle in your bag and you're set to go! No synthetic ingredients. No preservatives. Just the natural good stuff. The way mother nature intended.


Returning customer. Wouldn't want to be without the comfort and convenience of these lovely bits. Thank you for all the wisdom and care that you infuse into these soothing little lovelies. ❤️ Women deserve this.

The tiny pieces were full of fragrance and I will enjoy using them. So far they have been very helpful with vaginal dryness. Appreciate that they are organic.

Loved from the minute I received this. Cute packaging and product shapes so fun. Loved the inspirational verse too! More importantly it has worked well for me. So happy to find something that is natural, does not irritate, is soothing and moisturizing. Thank you!

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